ValChecks Valuables Check-In Management Software:  NETWORK SYSTEM

ValChecks Valuables Check-In Management Software: NETWORK SYSTEM

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Network System: For use on a Network Shared Drive, Unlimited Computers

A complete software application specifically designed for hospitals and other institutions where property is held for later return to its owner or other authorized party, ValChecks would be a major asset towards your Security Department.

Use of ValChecks software demonstrates that you are serious and diligent about managing held property and about returning property to its rightful owner. You have a track record, including property record details and dates, from the time that property is received until its final release or disposal. You have a complete record of all registered property.

System Requirements:
Windows Operating System
MS Access (Office Suite)

Product Features:

  • Full Network Installation Capabilities
  • ValChecks is a feature-rich product where preferences and options can be set for performance commensurate with your needs.
  • Property Record Form forviewing record details regarding checked property. This form is used to record newly checked property, to edit existing property records details, and to delete selected property records.
  • Highly secure with Userame and Password login required.  All actions are timestamped and recorded for each property record on file, allowing for user identification of all actions.
  • Search records by Owner Name, by Owner ID, by Date Received, and by Tag (or envelope) Number.
  • Reporting: A wide variety of exportable Reports options are available.
  • Immediately view on-screen listings of all checked property, unreleased property, released property, property past due for pick-up, and property that has been disposed; likewise for registered property. By a click of a button, sort these listing on any of several fields and open reports for printing.