About Us

ValChecks software affords you an opportunity to better serve the public by bringing organization to the difficult manual process of dealing with held and/or registered property. For the first time, know with certainty what property has been registered or is being held, what property has been released and to whom, and what property has been disposed. For the first time, be able to respond at once to inquiries about held property.

All Returnity Software Products are Windows based, with no additional software purchases necessary. Returnity operates in conjunction with MicroSoft Access x32. A Runtime version will be provided when needed.

Returnity Software was originally established out of necessity. A former Sugerloaf USA Ski Ambassador saw the abundance of lost items accumulated daily and stepped up to the challenge of creating software to track the property. From this, Returnity was born.

In the years since, Returnity has grown to become the most widely used Lost & Found Tracking Software on the market. Assisting Transportation Hubs, Entertainment & Conference Centers, Sporting Arenas, Educational Institutions and more, Returnity's wide range of management capabilities and ease of use have lead to countless people being reunited with their possessions.  Honed by valued customer input over 15 years, Returnity is the most functionally complete, most cost effective solution for Lost & Found management.

Returnity is not just about Lost & Found however, we are about Personal Property Management. Along with the primary Returnity system, we also have available Property by Returnity and ValChecks by Returnity, two incredible programs for managing assets.